Aug 28, 2021 • 41M

10 - Hyowon Gweon: What Makes Us So Good at Learning from Each Other?

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Stanford Psychology Podcast
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In this episode, Anjie chats with Hyo Gweon, an associate professor at Stanford Psychology Department. Hyo directs Social Learning Lab, where the research focus is our abilities to learn from others and teach others.  In this episode, she will share with us a very recent review article that came out on Trends in Cognitive Sciences titled "Inferential social learning: Cognitive foundations of human social learning and teaching". Is learning from others really that different from learning about other things in the world? What makes humans so good at learning from other people and enable others to learn from them?  Listen to this episode to find out. 

The paper:
To learn more about Hyo's research, you can visit her lab's website: