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101 - Natasha Chaku: 100 Days of Adolescence

101 - Natasha Chaku: 100 Days of Adolescence

Anjie chats with Dr. Natasha Chaku.  Natasha is an assistant professor at the Department of Psychological and Brain Science at Indiana University Bloomington. Her core research interests involve understanding cognitive development in adolescence, its correlates, and the implications of its development for different populations, especially as related to puberty, psychopathology, and positive development. In this episode, Anjie and Natasha chats about Natasha’s recent work titled “100 Days of Adolescence: Elucidating externalizing behaviors through the daily assessment of inhibitory control”. Natasha took us through a deep dive into the how and why of studying adolescent cognition. She also shares her journey in studying this period of life. 

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