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125 - Marginalia Episode: Cristina Salvador on Cultural Psychology in Latin America

125 - Marginalia Episode: Cristina Salvador on Cultural Psychology in Latin America

Marginalia Episode is a collaboration between Stanford Psychology Podcast and Marginalia Science, a community committed to including, integrating, advocating for, and promoting members who are not typically promoted by the status quo in academia. In each Marginalia Episode, we feature a guest who has been featured in the Marginalia Science Monthly Newsletter. In this episode, Anjie chats with Dr. Cristina Salvador, an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University. Cristina examines how culture interfaces with biology to influence our thinking, feeling, and behavior. She analyzes the influence of culture at multiple levels, including the brain, everyday language use, implicit measures, and big data. In this episode, we start our conversation on her recent paper titled “Emotionally expressive interdependence in Latin America: Triangulating through a comparison of three cultural zones.”. To learn more about Cristina, you can read the Marginalia Science Newsletter attached below. 

Episode on Marginalia Science:

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newsletter: September 2023 📚
hi. it’s Eliana😊. happy September! 🚨 URGENT 🚨 this fall, we are trying something a little different: we are hosting a colloquium in coordination with boston college! we are now inviting applications to speak at boston college on 10.16.23. The goal of this event is to invite…
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