Nov 4, 2021 • 50M

19 - Michal Strahilevitz: Teaching Happiness

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Stanford Psychology Podcast
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In this episode, Anjie chats with Dr. Michal Strahilevitz. Michal is currently a marketing professor at Saint Mary’s College of California. Her research focuses on how emotions affect decision-making in a variety of contexts. In addition to being an enthusiastic researcher, Michal is an amazing teacher. She has won teaching awards from three different universities. blogs for Psychology Today and is often quoted in the global media outlets. She is particularly passionate about helping people become happier, healthier, and more resilient. In today's episode, Michal shares her journey both creating and teaching her favorite course: The Science of Happiness and Well-Being. 

To hear from five scholars whose research and teaching focuses on happiness, watch Michal’s recent panel discussion on this topic: 

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