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57 - Moira Dillon: Commonsense Psychology in Human Infants and Machines

57 - Moira Dillon: Commonsense Psychology in Human Infants and Machines

Bella chats with professor Moira (Molly) Dillon.

Molly is an assistant professor in the department of psychology at New York University, where she directs the Lab for the Developing Mind. Molly and her lab use cognitive, developmental, and computational approaches to study infant cognition, including the early emerging knowledge about objects, people, and places; symbolic thought and reasoning in geometry and logic; pictorial and linguistic production, and the relation between human cognition and machine intelligence. 

In this episode, we discussed Molly's new research on commonsense psychology in human infants and how this research helps advance our understanding of machine intelligence. Be ready to be amazed by what human infants are capable of understanding and doing!

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