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87 - Marilynn Brewer: Social Identity and Intergroup Conflict

87 - Marilynn Brewer: Social Identity and Intergroup Conflict

Eric chats with Marilynn Brewer, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Ohio State University. Marilynn is one of the world’s leading scholars on social identity, intergroup relations, and social cognition. She has been president of various psychological associations and former Director of the Institute for Social Science Research at UCLA.

In this episode, Eric and Marilynn talk about why people care so much about belonging to a group. How do people balance belonging to a group and being a unique individual at the same time? Does love for the ingroup really always lead to hatred of the outgroup? How can we overcome intergroup conflict? Finally, Marilynn shares how she stumbled into psychology and what she loves about the field of social psychology.

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Marilynn's paper on ingroup love and outgroup hatred
Marilynn's paper on the social self

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