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94 - Josh Greene: Cooperation, Charity, and Effective Giving

94 - Josh Greene: Cooperation, Charity, and Effective Giving

Eric chats with Josh Greene, Professor of Psychology at Harvard. Josh is a leading researcher of moral judgment and is the author of Moral Tribes. Several graduating classes have named him their favorite professor at Harvard! 

In this chat, Eric asks Josh how he has raised over 2 million $ for charity through Giving Multiplier. Listeners are invited to give to both their favorite and some of the most effective charities - and have their donation matched at a higher rate than usual at this link! Josh also shares how he is trying to fight polarization with games, how to do the most good as a researcher, why cooperation is the story of life, what his next book is about, the future of moral psychology, and how his thinking has changed since he first started thinking about moral philosophy in high school.

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Do good by donating through Giving Multiplier (with higher matching rate!)
Paper showing why Giving Multiplier works
Josh’s book Moral Tribes

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